Communication Class

Today was the first of my new class at ICC on Communication.  It’s a first year class on the Youth Work and Theology course so Today was one of their first classes!  We talked about (well I talked most) the internet and some tools for keeping in touch with their young people like Bebo and Facebook but also about blogging, texting and Flickr.

We’ve started our own class blog at so feel free to pay us a wee visit as we try to work out what communication is and how it works.

4 thoughts on “Communication Class”

  1. I don’t know – first of all you start a course on how to use Google, now you’re teaching others how to fritter their life away online on virtual networking rather than real networking. Whatever is the youth of today coming to. It spends way too much time in front of a computer screen.

  2. … said the man posting a comment on a blog… lol.

    You should pay us a virtual visit John. It would be good to have your thoughts on some of the stuff we will be talking about over the next weeks. Ta for the heads up on the very cheap Office 2007. I downloaded it tonight and will install it tomorrow!

  3. I’ve bookmarked the blog and I’ll be interested to see how it develops. I’m keen to hear how people see the interweb as a tool for youthwork (and other ‘community’ building). Geek though I may be, I’ve not really kept up with Web 2.0 and, to be honest, I have a huge degree of scepticism about it, particularly as I see how some of it is used. But maybe that’s a discussion for another time/blog. I’m certainly not averse to using such things, but my jaded eye so often struggles to see the value at times. But I’m prepared to learn and look forward to reading what your class has to say.

  4. Pfft, Y141 was never that much fun last year! lol
    Look forward to seeing the class’ blog develop.

    (Random comment – just stumbled across you on Thomas’ (headphonaught’s) page.
    It’s a small world!)

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