Broken Things

My iPAQ froze yesterday.  I’ve had it for a year and it’s been pretty reliable, more so than my laptop to be honest (both HP).  Anyway, HP’s support is always a laugh.  I tried online support first.  The guy asked for the serial number and then told me I could get it in one of the settings folders in my iPAQ… my frozen iPAQ!!!  Thankfully it is also on the box and under the battery.

Anyway, it is terminal so it’s going back for service tomorrow.  I was planning to play golf with my dad but I need to wait for the courier now.  Forecast is for rain tomorrow so that might not be too bad.

That was last night… today was quite a day!

I set off this morning at 6.45am to meet with a couple of colleagues for an al fresco meeting on a golf course near Manchester.  All was going well until around the M61 when I heard a noise kind of like the ‘ping’ you hear when you drive over a stone.  I thought that was what the noise was but I was then met with an array of lights on the dash so it was obvious that the noise was something more substantial.

I called the AA and the guy that came out was great.  It was the alternator belt that had broken so the car was still drivable for a while so we headed for a Renault dealer in Preston where we were met with the usual noncommittal ‘it could take all day or maybe even be until tomorrow.’  Joy!

Anyway, it turned out that the belt and a tensioner were broken and that costs £172 to fix!  Fab!  Gone are the days when a pair of tights will do it seems.  I booked the car in at about 11.30 and was told it could be 5pm before it was done.  I decided to sit in the service area and look bored (not hard as the boss had hidden the TV aerial so the sales people couldn’t sit and watch TV) and wait it out.  That must have worked because they came back quickly with the initial diagnosis and then started work on the car.

One of the guys gave me a lift to a local supermarket where I got some lunch and then got a call after an hour to say my car was done.

And so I was heading home after driving almost to my destination and sitting waiting for 3 hours.  I should have stayed in bed!!!

 All that, and we found out we can move into our new flat in 10 days!  Better start packing then!!!  Who says life is dull?

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