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I just got tagged by Matt

How many books do you own?: somewhere around 300… half of them are in boxes!

Last book I read: Angels & Demons by Dan Brown – I’ve had this for ages and had never quite got round to reading it.  I have had a few train journeys recently so I picked it up and actually quite liked it.  I’m sure it will make a decent movie.

(Reading How To Be Good by Nick Hornby now)

Five Books That Mean a Lot to Me: (In no particular order):

Dangerous Wonder by Michael Yaconelli
This is a short book about the ‘adventure of a childlike faith’. Mike Yaconelli is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. I first heard him speak at Greenbelt years ago and his enthusiasm for living out a curious and mischievous faith captured my imagination. The book is full of stories that are a bit ‘chicken soup’ but also inspiring and challenging.

The Lord Of The Rings by JRR Tolkein
It took me ages to get around to reading these. I tried to read The Hobbit four or five times when I was a kid but could never get into it. The LOTR movies kick started my reading. I saw the first one and was hooked. I could also better imagine Middle Earth. The books are magnificent. So rich in detail and depth of character. Well worth reading, even if just to see where the books and the movies diverge.

My Father Was A Hero by Cole Moreton
Another Greenbelt discovery. Cole Moreton gave a presentation on his journey of discovery to find out what his family secret was. I’ve blogged about the book before here. I read this book at a very difficult time in my life and it resonated deeply with me. Families are funny things. There are so many things we don’t know about those we love the most. This book captures some of that mystery and a young man’s journey of discovery.

Mental Fight by Ben Okri
Mental Fight is a poem. It is beautiful and challenging and inspiring. Read it.

The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis
My mother read the Narnia books to us when we were children, mostly in a caravan near Oban on the west coast of Scotland. I have very strong memories of imagining Narnia was the western Highlands! I was given the set as a birthday present a few years ago and re-read the stories of Narnia and found I enjoyed them just as much as an adult. I began to read them to my kids but they are quite difficult to read aloud!!!

And now to tag five people: Avril, David, Pauline, ThomasChris

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  1. Yeah they are. I kind of went with my first thoughts but there are loads of others that would have made the list. 1984, To Kill A Mockingbird, Red Storm Rising, The Bourne Trilogy, What’s So Amazing About Grace…

    I tend to read pulp fiction and books about church. My biggest regret in life is not reading more of the classics. We have a collection of classic fiction because Avril is much better read than me… I should stop reading Dan Brown and get on with Hemmingway and Dickens!

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