Being organised

I’m still being pretty organised.  For those of you who missed the ‘clearing out and starting over’ kind of posts a few weeks ago, I’m having a go at being tidy and organised.

So far it’s not too bad, although I have a small pile of things that need either sticking back in my bag or in a file but that’s a job for work time.

The one thing I have added to my arsenal of tools is ‘Micro$oft OneNote’.  I’m liking it for some of my projects as it lets me collate different types of files and info on one page.  Handy for planning classes, training and stuff like that but also for bringing together large amounts of web stuff and PDFs gathered while researching.  Worth a look if you haven’t seen it and you can download it as a free trial.

I still haven’t quite got to grips with my paper notebook.  I’m a little scared to write in it I think!  I’ve divided it into sections and put tabs in and it looks great but I’m on page 2!  Maybe that’s the trick, only writing down what you really need to!

1 thought on “Being organised”

  1. I must have a play with OneNote. I quite like the idea of grouping documents and other resources in that way. I can see how it would make research and studying more productive. My only problem might be how it’s presented. Is it a bit mindmap-ish? I’m not a visual thinker and mindmaps just don’t work for me. Structured lists are my thing, so if it can do that, then I might have a look. Mind you, I’m not likely to buy it. More likely to look for a freeware alternative. (No! must resist urge to waste hours scouring the web for something I probably won’t use)

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