at 81

It’s dementia, of a vascular kind.

It was the morning of Monday 15 March 2010 when Dad was given a reason for the forgetfulness and confusion that have plagued and frustrated him over the last few years.  It’s been a slow process now compounded by a steadying decline in physical health.

My wife Avril has decided to journal her journey with her 81 year old father and his dementia.

I know I’m biased, but she writes beautifully and her few entries have already moved me and others deeply.

You can follow their journey at and perhaps add your own stories…

2 thoughts on “at 81”

  1. I’ve been reading. Didn’t feel right to make such a trite comment on her blog, but I too appreciate Avril doing this. It’s powerful writing and a great reminder to those such as myself going into ministry that there is a real person behind the seemingly disconnected faces we come across in care homes and the like.
    Actually, I ought to comment and it reminds me of something we were discussing the other day, so I’ll go and set things right.

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