Addition by Adoption

Addition by Adoption

Addition by Adoption: Kids, Causes & 140 Characters

Love, laughter and lunacy in 140 characters.

by Kevin D Hendricks

A work-at-home dad turns to Twitter to share updates about kids, causes and life.

It’s a curated selection of bizarre quotes, funny stories and temper tantrums. Woven between potty-training woes and breakfast time songs is a family growing through adoption and learning how to change the world, one status update at a time.

You’ll find humor, parental commiseration and life-changing wonder mixed into a quick and compelling read.

Available from on May 11 for $9.99.

Pre-Order April 13-20:
Addition by Adoption
will be available for pre-order from April 13-20 only. Why pre-order? Glad you asked:

  • It’s cheaper. The pre-order price is $12.99 and shipping is included. Because the shipping is included it’s ultimately cheaper than the official version will be (the book will cost $13.98 with basic shipping from Amazon).
  • More money to charity. Twice as much money will go to charity: water. Score.
  • It’s autographed. Each pre-order copy will be signed by Lexi, my 4-year-old daughter and star of much of the book. Bonus.
  • Get it early. You’ll receive pre-order copies 2-3 weeks after ordering (depending on shipping and printing times), but likely before the official launch.

Pre-order now!