A very nice surprise

My Christmas letter to Santa always has much more hope than expectation.  I start at a Aston Martin DB9 and work down.  Always have, always will.  In reality I’m much happier giving than getting.  I have all I need and I love to see the boys and Avril opening their gifts.  That’s much more fun.

Imagine my surprise when on Christmas morning I found one of these under the tree…



Thanks to my fabulous wife and all our boys for the fantastic gift!

I’m also looking forward to reading Barak Obama’s book The Audacity of Hope, listening to the Killers’ cd Day and Age and the Radio 1 Live Lounge 3, wearing my new tie and cuff links and eating lots of chocolate!

4 thoughts on “A very nice surprise”

  1. Very nice. Latest generation ipods do seem to be well liked. I’ve also got Audacity of Hope. It’ll be interesting to compare impressions.

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