stewart cutler

I got tagged by Shuna and Rich for this. Last list for a while. I promise.

6 uninteresting things about me:

  1. Peppers give me very bad indigestion
  2. I’ve played golf for 30 years but have never had a handicap or a hole-in-one
  3. I was the youngest person in my class at primary school and university
  4. I had 3 piano lessons… then my teacher left the country
  5. I have never bought a computer for myself
  6. I’m about to be a Skoda driver

I won’t tag anyone, but feel free to share!

4 Responses to “6 uninteresting things”
  1. laura says:

    Wow… your piano playing was that bad?!

  2. Jay says:

    Did you every get a handicap or hole-in-one for your piano playing?

  3. Shuna says:

    I too was the youngest person in my primary class and secondary year but alas not at Uni…. but I was’t the oldest either!!!

  4. Stewart says:

    Laura: No. My teacher took a post at the Royal Academy in London.
    Jay: No. lol
    Shuna: I was the youngest in my class at secondary school until I moved schools to Dunoon Grammar. Two people were younger than me there.

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