5 Things

Thomas tagged me with 5 things which I’ve always wanted to do… so here goes:

  1. Visit Everest base camp.  No idea why.  I just want to.  Always have.  Not that interested in climbing Everest but I’d love to see it.
  2. Write a book.  Not an instruction manual, a book.  Not a novel either.
  3. Play football for Scotland.  Being 46 has made me realise that this particular dream is fading.  It makes me really angry when people who could play choose not to.
  4. See my kids grow up and be happy.  I know that sounds corny but I think this is the thing that makes me feel the greatest sense of love and pride.
  5. Make a difference.  I’m not sure how or where but I have a sense that at some point I’ll make a significant difference to something, possibly the church, but maybe not.  I’m looking forward to that whenever the time comes.

This was a hard list to write and looking at it now it seems a little obvious.  Maybe I’m obvious but this is my list.

So, Avril, Jay, John, Shuna and Christine… 5 things you always wanted to do.


5 thoughts on “5 Things”

  1. 1. lose about 3 stone
    2. pack in the fags
    3. learn Arabic
    4. same as Stewart’s #4
    5. retire and become a luthier/run an acoustic instrument shop

    please note: these are not necessarily in order and I said ‘luthier’ NOT ‘Lutheran’ 🙂

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