Where God and Real Life Meet

where God and real life meetToday, as with most days, I have more questions than answers.  I’m comfortable with that.  I’ve found places to ask my questions and have them heard and valued… and sometimes answered.

Wouldn’t it be great if the church was a place where people’s questions were heard and valued and only sometimes answered?

What if people had the chance to ask what was on their mind and we had a go at talking those questions through…

What if the minister added to that discussion with some more questions…  Have you thought about it this way?  If I said this how would that change your view?

What if…

Questions are good.  Questions are signs of life and growth.  We shouldn’t be scared of them and we shouldn’t rush to answer them because the discussion is often where God and real life meet.

3 thoughts on “Where God and Real Life Meet”

  1. I lead a small group on Tuesday nights – a group of 10. Six of those were not attending a church 4 years ago. When we do the “Bible study” portion, often the group wants the “answers” to the questions. The past few weeks I have been holding back more and prompting them to work it out themselves. This has been hard as a leader because the instinct is to want to give them the answers…it is easier…much easier. However, these times I hold back and let them talk it through more is frustrating to some in the group (for a period of time) because they don’t want to “think” that hard. On the other hand, the discussion has been amazing and they get going around and around on the topic and finally as a group conclude the answer. It has been awesome.

    You are correct…discussion is where God and life meet…and that is where spiritual growth and life change live.

  2. Questions are good. Many are afraid to ask questions. And many leaders, I find, are afraid they might be asked questions they can’t answer, and brush aside questions they can’t answer. Some think if there isn’t a ready answer to a question, then it shows some sort of failing in them, that might lead them or someone else’s faith to stumble. But then, some view the Bible as some sort of almanac with all the answers to life and everything, which it’s not. It merely points to the Truth – it’s not, in itself, the Truth. You’re right, Stewart – questions are signs of life and growth.

  3. Thanks for you comments. I ended up preaching about questions this week. The sermon is attached to the post ‘A question of Faith’ if you fancy a listen.

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