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It’s polling day here in Scotland.  We elect the Scottish Government which is a parliament devolved from the UK parliament with powers over pretty much everything apart from tax and defence.

The most striking feature of the campaign so far is how surprisingly poor Scottish Labour’s campaign has been.  They seem stuck in a negative cycle trying to scare people away from the SNP because they will introduce a referendum on independence (which people could vote no in) and the Tory led UK government which has no real bearing on the Scottish election.

Once again the Scottish Christian Party is standing.  Please don’t vote for them.  The reasons why are numerous but mostly that I don’t think that we need political parties based on someone’s interpretation of what ‘Christian’ means.  I’m a Christian and I disagree with all of their main campaign issues and I don’t appreciate them using God to win votes and cause division.

We also vote in a referendum to decide our method of voting for UK elections.  We can choose to stick with first past the post or change to the alternative vote.

Scotland already has an element of proportional voting.  We have 2 votes in the Scottish Parliament election.  One for a constituency representative and one for a regional list which is decided on proportional grounds.  I’m a fan of proportional representation so I’ll be voting YES to AV.

So, as Josh said in the West Wing, ‘vote early and vote often!’

2 thoughts on “vote 2011”

  1. got the Scottish Christian Party’s flyer through the door, and all it said was that if you voted for labour on the list they would lose and if you voted for the SCP that they would get the list seats!

    not so sure that’s allowed is it?!

  2. Yes we had a lot of ballot papers today!

    The SCP seem a bit disorganised but given they are inexperienced, small and new this is understandable. I’d like to see them mature but like Stewart blogs I think their name is a complete hindrance too. ‘Christian’ doesn’t mean much in political parties (e.g. European ‘Christian democrat’ parties). The reality of a wide range of views (polar opposite at times!) on social issues in the Christian community just adds to the confusion of merging it with a political party. Yes I think Biblical principles would help run the country better but without the Gospel it is just empty moralism.

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