up and down

Recovery is very rarely straight forward.

It was all going so well.  I felt good after the short 2k run last week and even though my treatment on Thursday was painful at the time I felt brilliant the next day.

I ran a gentle 5k on Friday and felt great.

I’d spent the weekend sitting.  I drove 6 hours, sat, slept, sat, slept, sat and drove another 6 hours.  By Monday I was sore and stiff but nothing too bad.  Or so I thought.

On Monday I ran 8k at 6min/km pace.  I think that was a mistake.

By Monday night I was in pain again.  It’s the same pain as before but more to the right side than the left this time.

So, more hot water bottles, stretching and rest.

I’d quite like to be better now, thanks.  I’m fed up hobbling about and being afraid to bend down.