I like questions.  I think they are important, sometimes more important than the answers we find to them  The questions we ask tell us something about what is important to us, how we think about the world and how we see the future.

“Stewart has a passion for getting people engaged with their faith, because he wants to make a difference and he wants others to make a difference through that engaged passion…

Stewart challenges much of our established thoughts, much of our way of doing things.”

Why do we do what we do?  Why do it like that?  When was the last time you thought about it?

Digital Engagement

Carey Nieuwhof is one of my favourite people grappling with what it means to be and do church in a digital age. He has a weekly podcast on leadership and loads of great ideas, free tools and advice. You can sign up to his daily email too.

Brady Shearer at Pro Church Tools is doing some great work helping people to connect and challenging our assumptions about how we should communicate and who with. Watch his brilliant 7 Rules of Church Communication Strategy (better email!!!). Follow him on Instagram for brilliant tips and examples of great church social media content.

Gear I Love

Rode have become my favourite supplier of all things audio!  They have everything you will ever need to get great sound for your video or podcast.

I use the Rode NT-USB mini and love the Rodecaster Pro paired with some PodMics for recording professional quality audio.  You don’t need that though because they do a software version called Rode Connect that gives you loads of the same tools and effects and it works with the NT-USB mini!!! 


Here’s an example… it’s a seminar I facilitated around the issue of ‘Missing Generations‘ around people aged 20-40 and their lack of engagement with church.


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