Training: Week 2

This week’s runs felt pretty good.  My lower back was a little sore in the middle of the week but seems to be easing off now.


A gentle 20 minute run after a rest day on Tuesday.



Another gentle 20 minute run.  Nice.



Friday seems to be the day the training programme tries to kill me.  This Friday was a Fartlek Interval Run.  That means short bursts of running at different paces.  It’s supposed to help increase speed and endurance and open up your stride.

I did ok but the short intervals mean that the miCoach doesn’t really have enough time to tell your how your pace is.  I fell below the green zone a lot but it didn’t ever tell me that I had.



Sunday was a nice recovery run.



Monday is ‘long run’ day.  Just now that means 30 minutes but that will increase by 5 minutes each week.  That should be about 1km extra.  I went out early this morning and really enjoyed the run but feel tired now.  Need to get to bed earlier if I’m going to run before breakfast.

Weekly stats: time: 1:55:38   calories: 1576   distance: 19.56KM

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