A Hint of Bergamot

I’m taking part in a collaborative photoblog, A Hint Of Bergamot.  The blog’s mane comes from the little hint of bergamot that makes Earl Grey stand apart from just tea. Thomas gathered us together to seek out and photograph the specialness of the ordinary.  I like the sentiment, even though I hate Some of the Read More …


We have a tree outside our window.  It’s a very artistic tree which places itself nicely in all kinds of shots.  There are more examples of trees getting in the way over on my Flickr site.

Picturing Excess

Another brilliant TED talk… this time from Chris Jordan who shows his fantastic art which depicts some shocking statistics.  What I liked most about this talk was his passion about highlighting our lack of a sense of anger and outrage about some of the horrific things happening today.

fly past

I was in the Lake District in England yesterday and today.  We had hoped to go climb a hill but the weather early this morning was foul so we ended up wandering around Keswick and taking photos.  All in all, a good day I think!  Here’s my favourite snap.  More on Flickr.

Photo in Schmap

One of my photos made it into the new Edinburgh Schmap !!!  It’s this one of Murrayfield Parish Church.  Another example of the power of TAGGING!