I’ve been robbed of all inspiration over the last few days.  My brain seems to have ground to a halt now it has reached 35.  I’ve been trying hard to think of something to blog about but failing.  I read in Bono’s conversations book that when he’s stuck for something to write about he writes about being stuck for something to write about…

I’ve watched lots of TV…

I watched the Conspiracy Files about 9/11.  I was disappointed.  I don’t know if that’s because I wanted them to broadcast proof of a massive conspiracy or because the guy they had from ‘practical mechanics’ rubbishing the ‘controlled demolition’ theory was about 12 years old and not very convincing.

Waking The Dead was fantastic this week.  A great case centred around some Nazis who worked with Megele in Poland and who had escaped with some children to continue the Arian line.  I loved the end when Boyd told the teenage son that he could be who he wanted to be.  He wanted to be Jewish.

Top Gear was simply amazing.  They made a space shuttle from a Reliant Robin… and made it fly!  Genius!

And that’s it.  I’m speaking at a Guild tomorrow night and have no idea what to say to them and my class tomorrow with be in therapy after watching American History X.  Maybe that will inspire…

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  1. What about Lent? Every other religious blogger I know seems to be reflecting on abstinence of some sort…..Me, I’m trying to give up wasting time.

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