learning to read the bible again 5

Part 5 of Russell and Matt’s journey through a nine part thesis is worth a look.

5. The four canonical Gospels narrate the truth about Jesus.The Gospels, read within the matrix of scripture from Genesis to Revelation, convey the truth about the identity of Jesus more faithfully than speculative reconstructions produced by modernist historical methods. The canonical narratives are normative for the church’s proclamation and practice.How are the four portraits of Jesus related to one another? To what extent are historical investigations necessary or helpful in understanding Jesus? How is the entirety of scripture necessary to an accurate portrayal of Jesus? To what extent is a right understanding of the whole of scripture necessary to an appropriate understanding of the identity of Jesus?

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  1. the header is part of a picture I took at Roseisle (pictures in Flickr). Ben is closest to camera with Jack on the left, then my wife Avril and my sister Jillian in the blue. The land is the other side of the bay. The next thing is Norway!!!

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