could do better

Sorry I’ve not posted for a while.  If I were being graded I might get a ‘could do better’.

But then ‘could do better’ is an odd thing to say because we can always do better.  What it really means is ‘I think you’re not trying hard enough’ or ‘you haven’t lived up to my expectations of you’ (even though you might not know what those expectations are).

Success in the world of church is a strange and often unquantifiable thing.  Does more people mean success?  How about more money?  More activities?

Sometimes all of those things are indicators of success, but sometimes none of them are.

So, before you tell someone they ‘could do better’, even in your head, perhaps you should ask yourself what better is, and for who.

3 thoughts on “could do better”

  1. You make a good point about judging others.

    I like that.

    However, you’re hoisted by your own petard: where you said you’d write more?! Just kidding. You’re writing plenty, I’m sure, just not always able to share it here.

    Keep rockin’ on Band Hero and I’m sure you’ll be fine! :->

  2. I know!!! It’s funny how sometimes when you set goals you seem even less likely to achieve them. It’s like you have added some kind of pressure to something that you just do because you like it.

    So far I’ve written less, cycled none, ran nowhere much…

    There must be something in this!!! Or I could blame the weather!

  3. Very true.

    I’ve wondered if the act of broadcasting our intentions has the effect of adding more pressure – therefore increasing the inertia we have to overcome to get it done…

    If you can’t blame the weather, then maybe you can blame a lack of sleep?

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