A very long day in the big smoke

The alarm went off at 4am yesterday morning, and it wasn’t an accident.  It was probably a little earlier than necessary but even at that time of the day I’m a little paranoid about getting to Glasgow airport on time from my house. 

Why the airport at that hour?  A trip to London to meet with my some of my colleagues and take our part in an ongoing review of what we do.

To get to London for 10am I had to get the 6am flight, be in Luton for just after 7am and get the train into King’s Cross for just after 8.  A stroll up Euston Road with a leisurely stop at McDonalds for a McHeartattack with fresh orange juice and a further wander up to the Methodist Offices in the very posh Marylebone Road and I was still almost an hour early!

The upside of my visit to the Big Smoke was spending the day with Doug, my former colleague and still my very good friend.  It was great to see him and I have to say he was very professional in his reviewing role! (Our jobs are being reviewed)

Afterwards we managed a coffee and catch up and then he had to rush back for another meeting.  I wandered down to the station and caught the train back to the airport.  I had hoped that the earlier flights might not have been busy and a nice easy jet person would have let me travel home early, but not today.  So I waited.  And waited.  And eventually, just after I decided to get my laptop out and start writing this post, the plane was called!

A good flight home with a great crew who were saying goodbye to one of their number who was off to the promised land of long-haul.  They were lots of fun and made the flight much less tedious.

Avril picked me up at just after 10 and we went home, shouted at Melanie Sykes on Question Time, wondered why Charles Kennedy doesn’t just become Lib Dem leader again, then went to bed and slipped into a coma!