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Deep Impact is back in 2011.

McDonald Highand Resport, Aviemore. 21-23 January 2011




We’ve gone back to the core of Deep Impact’s purpose.

New. Seminar streams focussing on Kingdom: Living: God in our lives; Working: God in our workplace; Thinking: God in our planning; Building: God in our nation.

More: Inclusive and broader worship styles.

Better: Marketplace, Social areas and Entertainment

Still: empowering Christian Youth Workers in Scotland to share the love of Christ. Online booking: Website:

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Over the next few weeks for the first time there will be some guest posts appearing here on


Well, because sometimes a change of voice, a different perspective and some interesting insights help us to get our heads around a problem or an issue.

I think my guests will bring some great words which will encourage and challenge us.

If you have something you’d like to share then drop me a message.

Our first guest will appear on Tuesday… so stay tuned.

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Youth Work Summit looks like a great day of inspiration and exploration.

It’s on 23:10:2010 in London at St Mary’s, Wyndham Place, between York Street and Crawford Street, Marylebone, W1H 1PQ.

There’s this idea that’s been buzzing around the heads of some of us involved in youth ministry for some time, and it won’t go away. It’s the idea of a new kind of youth work event, created by youth workers, for youth workers.

It’s the idea of breaking down old ways of doing things, and finding new ones. Of listening to a wider range of voices than ever before, from parts of the church – and the world outside it – that normally we wouldn’t stop to engage with.

Don’t believe them… You can download the programme and see for yourself.

Oh… Starbucks are providing free coffee all day!


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Today the Chief Inspector of Constabulary warned that there should be no cut in spending on police time to deal with anti-social behaviour.

When asked who should deal with anti-social behaviour the majority of people said the police.

Anti social behaviour

It has also been reported today that early intervention is the key to preventing anti-social behaviour…

But NO ONE has mentioned spending any money on YOUTH WORK!

According to the Scottish Government youth work provides diversionary activities for young people (Scottish Executive (2007) Moving Forward: a strategy for improving young people’s chances through youth work. Edinburgh: Scottish Executive.) so why is our first response to use the police, to criminalise young people and to demonise them rather than address the causes of the problem?

Anti-social behaviour is a serious issue but it is symptomatic of wider problems. Policing won’t solve poverty, unemployment, lack of attainment in school, alcohol and drug abuse and violence.

These young people are not aliens. They don’t appear each evening from thin air. They are people’s children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. It is said it takes a village to raise a child. I believe that.

Unfortunately just 5% of us volunteer to work with young people and only a tiny proportion of that 5% are men.

And yet we wish young men had role models…

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Who knew that reading was so… enlightening!

I’m in the final (hopefully) throws of the dissertation and I’m battering away at a couple of sections before editing my findings.

The parts getting attention just now are about ‘the Church and social capital’ and ‘youth work strategy’.

The social capital discussion has been really interesting.  I asked in twitter and facebook if the church should have a role in social capital and got some great examples of how it already is, why it should be and some of the dangers.

So, what do you think?  Should the church be part of ‘Call me Dave’s’ Big Society?  After all, that’s a social capital drive if ever there was one!  Does the church have something unique to offer?  Or should it stand apart as a prophetic voice?

The second part on Youth Work strategy is a quick wade through Moving Forward, the Scottish Government’s youth strategy which, like those of England and Wales, don’t really pay much attention to spiritual development, despite it being one of the core areas of youth development.

Should the church be saying more about this?  Are we any good at helping young people to develop spiritually?  Or do we just play games and go bowling?

What do you think?

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Chaos Theory

This week I’ve been learning about Appreciative Inquiry (excuse the American spelling).  It’s a way of helping organisations discover what they value and how they can build on that.  It appeals because it doesn’t talk about what went wrong or who is to blame, just that things have changed.

Part of the course focused on a model of organisational life which suggested that for an organisation facing crisis to survive it has to consciously embrace the chaos of the wilderness.  For most established organisations this kind of step is difficult.  We like certainty and structure.  After all, what kind of organisation isn’t organised?

Well… I can think of two.  Youth Work and Emerging Church.

By not being organised I don’t mean without any rules or structure.  The rules and structures are small, limited to that particular group.  It’s not that they don’t relate to something bigger, they do, but they are not controlled by that bigger organisation.

This lack structure means that they can be creative and adaptive.

That kind of group needs a particular kind of leadership.  The kind that works collaberatively, values and develops other’s talents and gifts and isn’t too precious about who’s idea it is.

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