Pilots Worship Pack

  I’m delighted to see the new Pilots Worship Pack: Lost and Found, which Soo and I wrote, is about to be sent out into the wild. It’s a pack with 4 sessions which help young people to explore the idea of Lost and Found along with some resources for a worship service led by […]

design thinking resources

Since my design thinking epiphany the other day I’ve been looking around for more information on what it is and how it works.  I thought posting some links might help me remember where I found things and help you explore this a bit further. Design Thinking on Wikipedia d.school @ stanford university has some great […]

problem finding

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised by the heading of this post.  I’m good at finding problems!  But Problem Finding isn’t about complaining. Ewan McIntosh spoke at TEDx London in September about re-framing the way learners engage with problems. Currently, the world’s education systems are crazy about problem-based learning, but they’re obsessed with […]

Deep Impact 2012

Deep Impact is the National Training conference for all those involved in Youthwork. It is for those who are volunteers, or paid employees; for those working for local authorities, local churches and agencies; for those with heaps of experience or just starting out. Deep Impact provides both practical and Biblical input from skilled youth practitioners […]

Processing Lent

There’s a tension in youth work between process and product. We talk more and more about ‘outcomes’ and ‘results’ and ‘objectives’ which are all about the product, the end result.  We are more and more scared of process because it’s hard to measure and define. It’s easy to make Easter all about the product.  But […]

be remarkable

I was watching an old TED talk by Seth Godin yesterday where he was talking about getting people’s attention. His primary context is marketing but I think what he was talking about transfers into pretty much any context where you want people to engage or listen or pay attention.  His advice: Be remarkable. Of course […]

5 Steps To Better Youth Work

Here are 5 ways you can improve your work with young people. 1. Consult Ask your young people what they like, what they don’t like and what they want to learn/do/try.  Sounds simple doesn’t it, but very few youth leaders actually do this well.  Lots of us have an agenda, or we think we do.  […]