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This year the Children in the Church Community Conference focuses on ‘change’.

The conference aims to explore how change can come about by looking at real-life examples of people who have sought to implement change that will make their churches places where children can more effectively grow in faith and use their gifts in God’s service.

They are promising no easy solutions, just the chance to share in the highs and lows of trying to change the way we do things for the benefit of children.

Event details

Date: 29 October 2011

Time: 1000

Location: International Christian College, 110 St. James Road, Glasgow, G4 0PS

Cost: £10 (lunch included)

children in the church community conference flyer 2011

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Deep Impact is the National Training conference for all those involved in Youthwork.

It is for those who are volunteers, or paid employees; for those working for local authorities, local churches and agencies; for those with heaps of experience or just starting out.

Deep Impact provides both practical and Biblical input from skilled youth practitioners and theologians; to equip you with the knowledge, tools, skills and connections, that will enable you to reach teenagers in Scotland with the love of Christ.

New for 2012 Conference!!!

We’re delighted to announce that there will be a brand new stream added to the Seminar Programme which will have a sole focus on Children’s Work – This will be run by experience Children’s Work Practitioners and in partnership with the Children and Church ACTS Group!

Apprentice leaders

Deep Impact is a training conference for youthworkers over 18. However we recognise that some youthworkers are mentoring apprentice leaders, following Biblical examples like Paul and Timothy. If you are mentoring a 16 or 17 year old specifically to become a youthworker, then they may accompany you. Only one apprentice leader per adult mentor delegate. Apprentice leaders are the responsibility of their adult mentor with whom they share accommodation. There is space on your booking form to also book in your apprentice leader.

Who is running it?

The conference is being organised by Scottish Christian Youth Work Forum (SCYWF); who desire to continue the brilliant work of previous years; and build on Deep Impact’s well deserved reputation for high quality and innovative training.

Where is it?

MacDonald Aviemore Highland Resort

When is it?

20th to 22nd January 2012


Early Bird is £135 and ends 30th Sept 2011
Middle Rate is £150 and ends 30th Nov 2011
Final booking Rate is £160 and bookings close 6th Jan 2012

All of these prices exclude the Single supplement of £45

If interested in exhibiting at Deep Impact the cost is £140 for a standard space plus delegate fee.


Book online at

Email: jillian [at] ymcascotland [dot] org

Download the Cheque and postal booking form or download the flyer

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“We tried that once.  It didn’t work”

Imagine a golfer saying that.  “Yeah, I picked up a club once when I was 7 and had a swing but the ball only went 10 feet off to the right so I never bothered trying again.”

What nonsense.

To get something right takes practice.  Apparently 10,000 hours is the time it takes to be excellent at something.  That’s a lot of commitment.  And hard work.  And patience.  And frustration.  And fun.

I was astonished at just how far I’ve run in the last 20 weeks.  625km.  When I started the thought of running for longer than 20 minutes was just a distant dream.  On Sunday I ran 21km.  That took 62 hours of practice.

Getting better at things requires commitment.

It needs us to understand that we won’t get it right the first time and that we will find things difficult along the way.

It needs repetition.

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Running this week has been pretty good.  I dug around the miCoach site and found that my race pace should be 10 seconds below the top of the green zone.  I’ve been struggling to get into the yellow zone and maintain that pace… it was just a little too fast.  I reduced the pace zones by 10 seconds and Friday’s threshold run was much more realistic.  I could actually get into the yellow zone.

I missed a short run on Sunday.  I felt better after the rest.

I’m not going to post the graphs unless you really want to see them.  If you do, just ask.

This looks like the last week of 2 long runs.  Killer Fridays start to become shorter interval and fartlek runs with Monday being the long run.

This week: Time 4:20:49, Distance 43:41, Calories: 3501.

As always you can sponsor me at  I’m running for Christian Aid.

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My half marathon training is well and truly underway.  My long run will be on a Monday each week so I thought after my long run I’d blog about my week’s training and talk about other stuff for the rest of the week.

I’ve already talked about the assessment run which was really difficult to judge in terms of the effort.  That led to the miCoach adjusting the coloured timezones to quicker times.  In my first run on Thursday I really struggled so I put the zones back down a little.

You can see from the graphs that Blue is now 6:53-5:48 min/km, Green is 5:48-5:01 min/km and Yellow is 5:01-3:54 min/km.

Friday’s run was a ‘threshold run’ which means running in the yellow zone.  I think the threshold in question is the threshold of collapse!  It was hard.  As you can see I couldn’t maintain the yellow zone for long but it’s my first week so I’m hoping that will improve.


Saturday is a rest day and Sunday is a recovery run which means a nice easy run to get rid of the stiffness of the Friday run.  The big dips and roads that needed crossing.  I’m going to go run in the park from now on as these dips are causing an inaccurate reading for pace, bringing the average pace down so it’s hard to see how well I’m doing from the overall stats.

Monday runs will be long steady runs.  I’m still having problems maintaining a steady pace as you can see.

I felt a bit stiff again today but once I got into the run I felt ok.  I’m really not sure what the surges in pace are all about.  I’ll be interested to see if that levels out as I get a bit fitter.

My totals for this week are:

Time: 2:30:27     Calories: 2007     Distance: 24:87KM

Don’t forget you can sponsor me by clicking the Just Giving link on the right and help Christian Aid help some of the world’s poorest people.

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So, my training has sort of officially started and I’ve had my first 2 donations.  Thanks for those!!!

My programme actually starts next week but today was my first run since I signed up to run the half marathon for Christian Aid.

I’m trying out the Adidas miCoach app on my iPhone.  I’ve been using the Nike+ system for a while, first on my iPod then the GPS app on my iPhone.  Nike+ is good for keeping a record of your runs but it won’t allow you to download a training programme to your phone.  The Adidas miCoach app does.

I’m going to use both Nike+ and Adidas miCoach.  I’ll use my iPod for Nike+ and my iPhone for Adidas miCoach.

Today I ran just over 4km.  You can see what miCoach and Nike+ made of that.

My first impression of miCoach is good.  I like the app.  It’s easy to navigate and get going.  The Website is nice, clean and easy to find your way around.  The only thing I don’t like is the automated voice that gives you in-run updates.  It sounds really robotic.  The upside is that Andy Murray does the end stats.  I wonder if he’s going to shout ‘C’mon’ and ‘Focus’ at me while I train?  I do hope so!

You can donate through JustGiving by clicking on the widget on the right.

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Deep Impact is back in 2011.

McDonald Highand Resport, Aviemore. 21-23 January 2011




We’ve gone back to the core of Deep Impact’s purpose.

New. Seminar streams focussing on Kingdom: Living: God in our lives; Working: God in our workplace; Thinking: God in our planning; Building: God in our nation.

More: Inclusive and broader worship styles.

Better: Marketplace, Social areas and Entertainment

Still: empowering Christian Youth Workers in Scotland to share the love of Christ. Online booking: Website:

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