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I like questions.

I think that’s why I like process.

Rob Bell’s new book Love Wins: At the Heart of Life's Big Questions is out soon in the UK and the interwebs have been alive with comment, question and criticism.

Yesterday Rob did a question and answer session where he admitted that for him the questions are really important.  Perhaps more important than answers, especially as we won’t know the answers about heaven and hell until we’re dead!!


Watch live streaming video from lovewins at

I wonder what spaces we give to big questions like this in our communities?

Questions inspire me.  I love hearing people talk about ideas and questions.

What’s your favourite question?

Does anyone want to run a one day conference filled with great speakers and big questions?

Seriously.  Actual answers (preferably ‘yes’) below.  Please.

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I feel sorry for Thomas.  He gets some bad press, mostly so John can make a point to his readers I think.  I’m not even sure Thomas had doubts.  I think he had questions, so that’s where this week’s sermon focuses… on questions.

I was at Lanark Greyfriars and the readings were John 20: 19-31, 1 John 1:1 – 2:2 and Acts 4: 32-35

As always, your comments, suggestions and most of all questions are very welcome.

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