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Pilots Worship Pack Lost and Found


I’m delighted to see the new Pilots Worship Pack: Lost and Found, which Soo and I wrote, is about to be sent out into the wild. It’s a pack with 4 sessions which help young people to explore the idea of Lost and Found along with some resources for a worship service led by young people.  The resource comes from Pilots but would be suitable for use with any groups of children and young people.

I’ll post the details of where you can get a copy as soon as it is available.

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Sorry for the lack of blogging.  I’ve been away again, this time in England at V&N, an annual camp for Pilots in the Voyagers and Navigators sections.  For those who don’t know, Pilots is a non-uniformed youth organisation for both boys and girls.

This year V&N was themed around Harry Potter with the 40 young people split into houses names after the dragons from the books, meeting in the Room of Requirements, playing games and completing challenges to earn points for their house and venturing into the Forbidden Forrest at night to collect spiders.

For the second time this summer camp fires featured…


Great fun was had by all.

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I was up in Nairn on Sunday, leading worship and enrolling John into the Pilots company there.  Unfortunately the enrolment service had been organised for the school holidays so the 6 other new Pilots were on holiday!  John was great and we got to wave to his mum who was watching from the balcony!

It was great to meet with some people I’ve met at Synod and to meet face to face with others I’ve spoken to on the phone or by email.  It looks like I could be going back regularly!

We also had the chance to see my sister Jillian, hubby Scott, their two boys Calum and Ewan and Jillian’s growing bump.  Ben and Jack came with us and were delighted to see their cousins!  Avril managed to pop over to see her pal Jane and her fiance John in Inverness while I was at church.  I joined them for a quick lunch later.  It was good to catch up and to see Jane looking so happy!

It’s a long way but it was well worth the 450mile round trip to see everyone!

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