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There’s a tension in youth work between process and product.

We talk more and more about ‘outcomes’ and ‘results’ and ‘objectives’ which are all about the product, the end result.  We are more and more scared of process because it’s hard to measure and define.

It’s easy to make Easter all about the product.  But if we do then we miss the benefits of the process.

Process is all about how you get there.

Process is all about what you learn along the way.

Process is about travelling.

Lent is a process time.

Don’t rush ahead to the end.

Value the journey.

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All day people have been coming and going from the Roman Catholic church at the bottom of our street.

They come with clean faces.  They leave marked with ash.

It seems to me a shame that the ‘reformed’ church has never quite embraced Lent.  There is something very rich about discipline and something very deep about the wilderness.

And there something very powerful about leaving church bearing a mark.  An outward sign of an encounter with God.


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This is a sermon preached on Sunday 8 March on Mark 8: 31-38 (Lent 2B).  As always, I’d be glad to hear your thoughts.

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Looking for something to guide you through Lent?  Join Christian Aid on a virtual Pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

This isn’t about simply watching a story being told.  This journey is also about challenging ourselves to think, to reflect, to pray, and to take action.

So, I’ve found my thing to take up for Lent.  Why not join the journey?

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Tomorrow at Together@MCT we’ll walk a labyrinth to help prepare us for Lent.

Come and join us if you’re in Edinburgh for 5.30pm-7pm at Saughtonhall United Reformed Church.

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Tonight is together @ MCT at Saughtonhall Church.

We’re walking a Lent Labyrinth and drinking lots of Hot Chocolate!  With marshmallows of course.

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Together @ MCT happens this Sunday from 5.30pm at Saughtonhall URC, Edinburgh.  It would be great to see you there to walk our lent labyrinth and share some hot chocolate.

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