Holy Land Reflections on Something Beautiful

My co-hosts on the Something Beautiful Podcast, Jonathan and Thomas, asked Avril and I to share some reflections on our recent trip to the Holy Land for this week’s episode of the podcast.  So, if you want to hear more about what we were up to and our thoughts on our trip then listen here.

Walls Don’t Build Peace

I doubt there is anyone who travels to the Holy Land without experiencing ‘the wall’.  I’m sure there are lots of tourists who travel up and down the motorways and wonder why the roadside barriers are 10 feet tall but you can’t ignore it.  I’m no expert.  These are just my thoughts and reflections.  If […]

Holy Land Day 6 – Jerusalem

Another early start for our trip into Jerusalem for Mass at Notre Dame and visits to the holy sites around the city. Mass was great with contributions from the kids and some beautiful singing and it was good to meet up with Leo, John and Sue from home. Our sightseeing today started at the top […]