Follow me… Why should I?

We follow those who lead, not for them, but for ourselves. (Simon Sinek) In his TED talk Simon Sinek tells why the ‘why’ is important. Much more important than the ‘what’ or the ‘how’. I work for a Church. I think my job is about the ‘why’ but very often it has little to do […]

Missing Generations (part 4)

I’ve been one for 20 years. It began around 1989 when I completed the Boys’ Brigade’s King George IV officer cadet training and became a BB officer. I’ve worked with young people and the adults who work with them for all of my adult life.  Most of this work has been in a church context […]

disconnected from the big story?

… and the big story of God.  For example, when we celebrate communion I’m fairly sure that most people don’t know the wider context of that.  Can this week’s gospel (John talking more about blood and flesh) be understood without knowing about Passover and the Levitical laws and kosher practice?  But we are not Jews […]

better together

Iain mentioned in a facebook response to my last post that he hadn’t yet heard me talk about partnership… I was struck by the comment because for me partnership is implicit in community engagement. When I talk about how the church needs to engage with communities of course I mean with people but I also […]

what if?

What if over the past 50 years an organisation had lost the majority of its members? What should it do?  What should it change? The decline in membership of the church in the UK has been well documented and plenty of words have been used on diagnosing the problem but I wonder how much time […]