design thinking resources

Since my design thinking epiphany the other day I’ve been looking around for more information on what it is and how it works.  I thought posting some links might help me remember where I found things and help you explore this a bit further. Design Thinking on Wikipedia @ stanford university has some great […]

the problem of expectation

Whose expectations are you trying to meet?  And why? People have expectations of us.  At work our boss, our colleagues, our constituents, congregations or customers all have lots of expectations of us, each one as different as they are. Who sets these expectations and who decides when and if you have met or exceeded them? […]

comply or innovate?

Last night I was at an open evening at my kid’s primary school.  Their work was on display and I was finding out what the ‘not much’ and ‘nothing’ they do all day is. Two things struck me.  The first that there seems to be little room for initiative.  I mean real initiative beyond using […]

ministry is just a job

Seth Godin is shocked. I was talking to a religious leader, someone who runs a congregation. She made it clear to me that on many days, it’s just a job. A job like any other, you show up, you go through the motions, you get paid. I guess we find this disturbing because spiritual work […]