Missing Generations Seminar

I was invited by the good people of Angus Presbytery to come and talk about the stuff I’ve written about Missing Generations last weekend and they kindly filmed all the seminars.  So, here’s my seminar…

Missing Generations (part 4)

I’ve been one for 20 years. It began around 1989 when I completed the Boys’ Brigade’s King George IV officer cadet training and became a BB officer. I’ve worked with young people and the adults who work with them for all of my adult life.  Most of this work has been in a church context […]

What Kind of Church?

OneKirk conference   What are the issues facing the church today? What kind of church are we? What kind of church do we seek to build? OneKirk is hosting a conference that offers a space for open and honest discussion about these questions for everyone in the church. What kind of church? Speaker: Rev Peter […]

Decisions are made by those who show up

The final day of the General Assembly is always the least well attended.  It tends to be the pensions, trustees and stewardship type committees.  Short reports and few decisions. But not today. The Ministries Council report was remaindered yesterday and so mid-morning the discussion about Ordained Local Ministry began again.  Eventually Assembly voted 200-190 in […]

Suicide First Aid Training

Just a link for anyone looking for information about Suicide First Aid Training as recommended by the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly today. Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is intended as ‘suicide first-aid’ training. ASIST aims to enable helpers (anyone in a position of trust) to become more willing, ready and able to recognise […]

labels that shouldn’t stick

One of the things that happened in yesterday’s General Assembly debate on the report of the Special Commission on Same-Sex Relationships and Ministry was some new labels. ‘traditionalists’ and ‘revisionists’ now seem to be the labels of choice. These are interesting labels for a number of reasons. I wonder how they make sense in a […]

one small step or a giant leap?

Today was an interesting day at the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly.  As I’ve outlined below, today was all about the Special Commission on Same-Sex Relationships and Ministry. The debate was long and to be honest we didn’t hear an awful lot that hasn’t already been said in the discussion already.  What was most interesting […]