Church as Co-working Space

I came across an article about church as a space for co-working yesterday. It was one of those moments when you think that something is so obvious you can’t believe everyone isn’t already doing it! We know that working patterns have changed.  Loads of people work from home now.  That’s great.  You don’t have to […]

What’s next?

Does church maintain the status quo?  We talk a good game about transformation and renewal but are we organisationally set up to avoid it? Broken Rhythms This isn’t a new question for me. I remember thinking about it when I was training for youth work at Jordanhill in 1991.  Apparently other people had been thinking […]

Recovery in the Church – from here to where?

I’ve been thinking a bit more about the Recovery Model as a helpful tool for churches. In this post I will consider three of the elements, that recovery: is a journey rather than a destination does not necessarily mean getting back to where you were before happens in ‘fits and starts’ and, like life, has […]

redefining success

“In the west, we encourage goal setting. In fact, we’re obsessed with goals – that end point we are striving so hard to reach. We jump through hoop after hoop, stepping-stone after stepping-stone, sacrificing everything just to get to that finish line. But once we get there, we realize our thinking was flawed. Now we’re unhappy […]

recovery is possible

It is possible to recover. It’s amazing how far people will go to disprove this, how powerful our negative voice can be and how programmed for fear we are. This negative perspective can overwhelm our collective planning and conversation. We do two simple things that ensure we almost always have conversations about negative things. The […]