Brian McLaren on Something Beautiful

There are times when you stop and wonder ‘How on Earth did that happen?’. Well, this week on the Something Beautiful Podcast we welcome Brian McLaren. McLaren has been named one of time magazines most influential evangelicals and he’s been called the “godfather of the emergent church.” he’s an author, speaker, activist, and theologian (but […]

Brian McLaren in Scotland

In December Brian McLaren spoke to various groups of Christians in Scotland.  I blogged about it here and here. I found this podcast of his talk at Vertigo, Strathclyde University. Chris discovered this short video of some of what he said! If you can see this, then you might need a Flash Player upgrade or […]

Brain McLaren in Glasgow Part 2

‘Emerging’ Church The first thing to say is that McLaren doesn’t like the term Emerging for all kinds of reasons.  But with no other word to replace it I’ll use it as a catch all definition of new developments on the fringe of church.  He spent some time unpacking where we are and where we […]

Brian McLaren in Glasgow

Last night I went to hear author and pastor Brian McLaren speak at Vertigo in Strathclyde Uni’s Student Union.  These are my notes and some attempt to make some sense of them. Jesus didn’t come to start a religion.  He came to start something else which he called the ‘Kingdom of God’.  But would Jesus […]