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This is Sunday’s sermon, based on Luke 24: 13-35, looks at the encounter between two of Jesus’ followers and a stranger they meet on the way to Emmaus.

The story about the monastery comes from alt.spirit at metro.m3: Alternative Urban Spirituality which is well worth getting your hands on!

Let me know what you think!  Please!!!

3 Responses to “The Road to Emmaus – a sermon”
  1. Fiona Davis says:

    Thank you so much for publishing this here! I am talking at the family service on the subject of the Road to Emmaus, and you have given me many ideas. I love the story of the monastery and will use that in my talk.

    I also love the way you bring the talk round to us and our welcome to strangers – something I think our church will really benefit from hearing.

    God bless and many thanks – keep up the podcasts and keep updating the website – it may be time-consuming, but the Lord will use it all to His glory.


  2. Phil Dominy says:

    Hi Stewart,
    Great sermon! Inspirational even.
    Any chance this is available as a transcript?
    With your permission, I would like to make use of some of it for our all-age lay-led service in a couple of weeks time.
    Phil Dominy

  3. Stewart says:

    Thanks Phil. I should have the text so I’ll dig it out and email it to you. Hope it helps.

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