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A half marathon is 13.1 miles or 21km for those of your who are metrically minded.

Except it’s not really.

August MilesAt 43 years old you can’t really just rock up at the start line and expect to survive that length of run.  So you train.  You run 4 times a week for months.  You start off at where you are and you do more and more miles.

For me the start was a slow 5k.  You add some distance to one run each week and this becomes your long, slow run.  Next comes a short recovery run which is more of a really slow jog to get your muscles working after the long, slow run.  The other two runs are where the speed comes.  A quick 5k, a tempo run for 8k or maybe a run that you up the pace a couple of times.

Pretty soon the miles are starting to rack up.

I’ve spent 8 hours running this month and have covered nearly 80km (50 miles).  There are still two weeks of the month left!

Why am I telling you this?

Well, because when you sponsor someone to run a 13.1 mile race you’re actually sponsoring them to actually run close to 200 miles.

Every mile adds up and every mile counts.

Just like the sponsorship you’ve been so generous to donate.

So far I’ve raised £460.

That’s amazing.  A massive thanks to all of you for your support and generosity.  It’s always exciting when my phone makes the ‘Just Giving’ ping noise meaning that someone else has just donated.  You have been so generous.

I was leading worship at Carluke URC on Sunday and mentioned that I was running.  The people there sponsored me £117.  That kind of support is really overwhelming.  You are all part of the team…

we are macmillan

So, what will Macmillan do with your money?

  • £1,020 could pay for a Macmillan nurse for a week, helping people living with cancer and their families receive essential medical, practical and emotional support.
  • £537 could pay for a Macmillan social worker or family support worker for a week. They work with community and social services agencies to help people manage the social and practical problems of living with cancer.
  • £390 could cover the costs for a person to attend a small physical activity scheme in a rural area for a year.
  • Between £200,000 and £600,000 could pay for a new chemotherapy suite in a local hospital.
  • Between £3 million and £7 million could pay for a new oncology and outpatient unit in a hospital.

You can help by visiting my Stewart’s Just Giving page or by texting STEW68 £5 (or any amount) to 70070.

So, thank you.  Thank you so much for your support.  It means the world to me to be able to help a charity that gave so much help and support to my mum and to my dad.

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macmillan poster


My brother-in-law Scott and I have decided to run the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon on 4th October in Glasgow in memory of my mum, Annis.  We’re raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Care, a charity very close to my mum’s heart.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999 and secondary cancer in 2013.  Throughout her battle Macmillan provided amazing support and care for both her and my dad.

Neither Scott nor I have run 13.1 miles in a long time so your support would be greatly appreciated.

Text STEW68 £5 (or whatever amount you wish to donate) to 70070

or vist my Just Giving Page

Thanks for supporting us and helping to remember Annis.




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Done Running

I am, quite literally, done.

I ran my half marathon today in a time of 2:08:37.  To be honest, given the warmer than expected day (I have sunburn on my head!) and the random aches and pains, I’m quite happy with the time.  I still think I have a sub-2:00 in me, but today was just about getting round.

The people of Glasgow were amazing today.  Loads of people lined the whole route shouting, drumming, clapping and even spraying much needed water on the very hot runners.

Thank you all so much for all the messages of support on facebook, twitter, phone and email.  It was hugely encouraging to know that so many people were behind me.

And you have changed the world for the better.  I think when all the money comes in together we will have raised around £1,500 for Christian Aid.  (you can donate for another few weeks HERE)  That’s amazing.  That kind of money will change the lives of lots of people.  It will feed people, buy them homes, send them to school and help them to work.

You did that.  You changed the world.  Well done.

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So, the final training totals are 60 hours of training, 600km run and 48,400 calories burned.

You have donated an amazing £1,132 to Christian Aid.  Thank you.

It’s one week until my half marathon run.  A week is a long time.  So much can happen in 7 days.

For me these 7 days will be spent on holiday, relaxing, eating well and a couple of easy runs to stretch the legs.

For the people of the Caribbean and the East coast of America the last week has brought devastation caused by a hurricane which has changed many lives.

In East Africa a week could be the difference between life and death.

Nick Guttmann, head of Christian Aid’s humanitarian division, talks about the situation in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia…

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You can help me help Christian Aid by sponsoring my run at

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Last night I reached my fundraising target of £1,000 for Christian Aid.

I’m absolutely amazed at the generosity of people and their support throughout my training.  Thank you so much!  It has meant so much on my training runs to know that you have all been supporting me.

Today the race pack arrived for my run in the Great Scottish Run.  It’s all getting very close.

You can still help some of the world’s poorest people by donating at my Just Giving page or text STEW72 to 70070.

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In just 3 weeks I’ll hopefully be basking in the satisfaction of having completed the Great Scottish Run half marathon but it hasn’t been plain sailing.

My training has been almost non-existent in the last three weeks.  I hurt my back lifting a heavy T-shirt so didn’t run for a couple of weeks and then the holidays and work made getting out on the roads difficult.

Today I’ll be out on my longest training run, 1 hour and 50 minutes.  I’ll let you know later how it goes…

The bigger news today is that I’ve taken a big jump forward in my fundraising.  The members of Blackmount, Libberton & Quothquan and Culter churches have donated an incredible £281.  Thank you so much!!!

That means that I’m almost at my £1,000 target.  When I set out on this adventure I set my £1,000 for Christian Aid as an aspiration.  I was never sure that I could raise that kind of money or run the kind of miles needed to train properly to run 13.1 miles.  I’ve been bowled over by people’s support, encouragement and generosity.  Thank you all so much.

I’ve run 514km, spent 51 hours running and burned an amazing 41475 calories.

I’m at 90% of my fundraising total with just 10 training runs left.  It would be amazing if you could help me reach that magic £1,000 before the run on 4 September.  £1,000 will pay for 2 wells or send 40 children to school for a year.  You did that.  You changed the world!

Your money will make a huge difference to people who are in desperate need of food and shelter.  Please help if you can.  Visit or text STEW72 to 70070 to donate.

Now, where are my trainers…

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Please donate to Christian Aid’s East Africa appeal or sponsor my half marathon run in aid of Christian Aid at

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