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Do you ever notice that when you are focusing on an idea, a concept or a task that resources appear.  A blog post, a tweet, a book, a newspaper article, a movie or a conversation somehow relates to your thoughts.

Sometimes it happens the other way around and something inspires you to focus on something but I tend to find that it’s when I’m focused that ideas come and inspiration appears.

So, why do I try to do 100 things at once?  And why have I been saying that since, well forever?

Do less better.

It’s the memo Jerry McGuire wrote in the 1996 movie.  It’s the thing we all tell ourselves when we are swamped or up against a deadline.

Leo Babauta of Zen Habits fame has put virtual pen to paper and written :Focus, a simplicity manifesto in the Age of Distraction… and he’s giving away a free version.

And by free I mean no cost and no copyright (when was the last time you gave something away for free?).

It’s well worth a look.  It chimes with some of the stuff we have talked about here about Sabbath, getting stuff done, creativity and relationship.

Now, what was I supposed to be doing?

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Trent Yaconelli is putting together a solo project and he needs help.  Please go to this link to get all the info you will need to help a great songwriter get an album made.


On his blog ‘Morphine Life Trent says:

For years, while a member of the band Five A.M, I have been trying to create music that speaks to not only people’s hearts but their souls.  As the band begins to close the door on it’s career a window has opened for me as a songwriter.  Over a year ago I was somewhat depressed as I began to realize Five A.M. was not going to rise to the heights I had wanted.  In the midst of that winter more and more songs began to pour out of me.  Not rock songs but simple – sparse songs that pointed towards the struggle of living a deeper, passionate, and spiritual life.  It was music I have been writing and setting aside for years, but was now ready to come out.  At a retreat in the mountains of Oregon I ran into an incredible violin player, Duane Whitcomb, who opened up these new songs even further.  I played  a few solo concerts and found that this music resonated people.  I received emails and had long talks with strangers who were moved by these new songs.  I was asked repeatedly where my music could be found and purchased but I didn’t have anything.  After many, many restless nights I have decided to do something I have a hard time doing…..ask for help. I don’t have the money to record, so I am asking for people to pre-buy the CD or give more, if you feel so inclined.  Click here for details.

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Now a regular on the arts scene, the 4th Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival has grown to become one of Scotland’s most valued cultural events with nearly 200 exciting and affordable events taking place across the country from 1-24 October to help challenge attitudes towards mental health through the arts.

See what’s on or call 0141 572 0125 to request a brochure in the post.


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