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Music-lovers are going to be spoiled for choice at Solas!

We’ve got rock, folk, gospel, jazz, blues, Americana, traditional Scots ballads, Gaelic waulking songs, post-rock,
indie, Russian liturgical music and more to come.

To keep up with the new acts as they’re confirmed, and to see links, videos, photos and reviews, follow us on
our new Solas Festival facebook page


The next ticket deadline is the end of April and represents your last chance to get an early-bird discount.
Please note that the date previously shown on the website was incorrect and discounted tickets will not be available in May.
However, starting in May, we will be selling day tickets for the festival.We need a clearer idea of numbers attending, so if you are hoping to come for the day help us plan (and avoid the queues) by buying your tickets in advance.

For those not brave enough to face the Solas camping field, we have a range of alternative accommodation
available to suit all budgets. Please email office [at] solasfestival [dot] co [dot] uk if you would like us to try and find you a bed or two, with details of your requirements and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
Most of our rooms are available in the very reasonable priced Days Inn at Abington Services and we intend to run
a shuttle bus to and from the festival site. Rooms will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis and payment will be required in advance of the festival.


Join us on Friday 16th April in the Kog Café, Glasgow for a night of music and merriment to whet your appetite for the festival.
Come along to see some old faces, make some new friends and hear some of the fabulous musicians we’ve got lined up for Solas – more info available here

The Victors are Brian McGlynn, David McRoberts, Alex Smith, Paul Baird and Alan Cameron and 2010 marks 30 years since the Glasgow-based gospel-rockers got together. Come and see them – sounding better than ever – at their first public performance since their final gig in 1982.
They’re playing the ABC 2 in Glasgow on Saturday 8th May 2010 and all proceeds from the gig are being donated to Solas Festival.
Joining them for this one-off performance:Tom Morton & Graeme Duffin.
Tom, a well-known and widely travelled singer-songwriter in the late 70s/early 80s, is now one of Scotland’s best-known broadcasters, hosting the afternoon slot on BBC Radio Scotland. Graeme, of course, is the guitarist and producer from Wet Wet Wet.
The Passion Singers.The stunning choir from The Southside Passion – a community passion play staged in Glasgow’s south side a couple of years ago under the leadership of Ricky Ross.

Get tickets here –

We’re still looking for people to help us make Solas a success and are especially keen to hear from potential drivers (or anyone who can lend us a minibus!?) and stewards.
We’re asking for a commitment of up to 6 hours a day. Volunteers will receive training, support and half-priced tickets to the festival.
This is a great chance to be part of Solas right from the beginning and part of the community that will be at the heart of the festival.
Help us to grow something out of the ordinary – email office [at] solasfestival [dot] co [dot] uk today.

Be a shining example – become a SOLAS SAINT today!
click here to visit the Solas Saint webpage

Follow us on :

Facebook Twitter


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ThePROJECT presents: Solas

A new Scottish festival, launching in Summer 2010, which aims to celebrate, explore and develop connections between art, faith and justice within and beyond Scotland: 25-27th June 2010 at Wiston, Biggar* PUT THE DATES IN YOUR DIARY NOW

*subject to necessary site licences

A star is born!

You may already be aware of TheProject. Perhaps you attended the day event we hosted in June 2009 in Edinburgh. Emerging from conversations in 2008 first at Greenbelt Festival, followed up in Perth, TheProject steering group has been working for the past year or so to explore ways of beginning this journey and of taking as many people as possible with us. We have decided to launch Solas Festival and have set up a company in that name. Here’s our Mission Statement:

Solas Festival is an independently funded and managed organisation which works in Scotland to promote the celebration and exploration of relationships between faith, art and justice. Its roots lie in the Christian tradition, ecumenically understood, and it seeks to be actively hospitable to a range of faith traditions.

Solas Festival

Solas will be an independent festival, made in Scotland, and we are proud to be launching with the support of two strategic partners, Greenbelt Festival and Christian Aid Scotland.

We aim to recruit 100 Solas Saints as individual supporters (see our Giving page for details).

Our dream is that this all-age weekend will light up the Scottish festival landscape with a vivid mix of music, debate, theatre, comedy, film and visual art and will quickly establish itself as a unique location to celebrate and question our commitments to art, faith and justice within Scotland’s cultural life. Come with us on the journey.


Already confirmed to appear at Solas 2010 are…
Talks: Gerry Hassan, Prof John Swinton, Kathy Galloway, Chris Harvie MSP, Shaun Burnie.
Film: Screenwriter Bernard MacLaverty, Producer Eddie Dick, Actor Martin Compston.
Theatre: Hopscotch Theatre Co, Flotsam and Jetsam Theatre
Children: Fischy Music
News of an exciting music programme and lots of other details will be published very soon. Please sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be kept right up to date as confirmations come in.


25-27th June 2010 at Wiston, Biggar
Wiston is about an hour south of both Glasgow and Edinburgh (also easily accessible for the north of England and Northern Ireland),10 minutes from the M74 (J13), and the 52 acre site has ample room for camping amidst spectacular and beautiful lowland countryside. Wiston is a small village which most famously has played host to the Tinto Folk Music Festival, situated in the upper Clyde Valley with the nearest towns of Lanark and Biggar.

For more information on the area contact South Lanarkshire Tourist Board on 01864 502346, or their office in Biggar 01899 221066 or Lanark 01555 661661.

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Yesterday thePROJECT became a reality, a meeting In The Flesh.  It was a great day with some brilliant speakers, inspiring worship and superb music.

ThePROJECT has grown from conversations between those who travel south from Scotland to Greenbelt Festival each year.  I’ve been to Greenbelt fairly often over the years, although not for a while, but it has always struck me how many people I know when I get there.  The same thought struck others and they got together and decided that Scotland could have it’s own event, inspired by Greenbelt, but not copying it.

Yesterday was a step in that direction.  A city based event in a church, a pub and a theatre.

So… thePROJECT3… the next step… Why not come along for the ride?

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thePROJECT:2, ‘In The Flesh’, Saturday 20th June, Edinburgh.

The first section of thePROJECT:2 runs 12.00 – 7.00pm @ The Lot, 4-6 Grassmarket, and St Columba By the Castle, 14 Johnston Terrace

12.00 – 4.30pm @ The Lot, 4-6 Grassmarket

12.00: Gathering, and creative activities for the young and young-at-heart, to dip in and out of (continuing from 12-4)

* The Big Knit: Bone combs, and personal possession of nits unnecessary… bring yer fingers to add yer own knit, purl and stitch action to the burgeoning tea cosy/ balaclava/ windcheater/ jersey/ sock (delete as appropriate)… a big woolie thing we’ll make together! (continuous activity)

* Gentle City Walking: Experience the urban curiosities of Embro; hear sounds you’ve never heard; see things you’d not have noticed; explore your sensations, feelings and thoughts on a magically mundane mystery tour… (continuous activity)

* Body Partying: a collaborative, additive artwork, where we’ll add pictures of bits of bodies together to create a huge picture (eventually) of thePROJECT Body! (continuous activity)

* Videovoxpopping: Smile, scowl, pull a face, crack a joke, what you feel on film. Let yer soul be captured and your opinions be articulated in cinematic style… (continuous activity)

* Kissing Booth: a chance to kiss SCOTT PAGET and selected members of thePROJECT steering group – ok, that’ll be optional – and to bend their ears with your ideas, hear what they’ve got to say. An opportunity to chat about what thePROJECT is, wasn’t and mibbe could be. (continuous activity)

* The Scratch Mary Poppins: Join PHIL WHITE in recreating what has become an incisive parable for our credit-crunch times… supercalifragalistication assured! (Rehearsals at St Columba, 1-3, performance 4.00).

12.45 – 1.45:

CoMusika with JANE BENTLEY: A corporately created, improvisational, invitational musical event where there is no audience, only players on a journey of increasing mutuality, communication, and communion, creating ‘music in the moment’. Jane will be harnessing your creative talents to make this happen.

2.00 – 2.30:

Non-Cabbage & Ambulances? with ROB MACKENZIE and ANDREW PHILIP: two of Scotland’s finest poets share their insightful, powerful and witty words. 2.45-3.45: Fischy Goings-On with, oh yes… FISCHY MUSIC: join SUZANNE ADAM, SANDY BUTLER and JED MILROY for a musical bonanza, chock-full of fun, emotions, sprituality and craziness!


The Scratch Mary Poppins – The Performance: PHIL WHITE and thePROJECT SCRATCH COMPANY (that’s all of youz!) perform the perfect parable!

12.00 – 7.00pm @ St Columba-By-the-Castle, 14 Johnston Terrace

12.00: Gathering, free tea & coffee available in Columba Hall (all day). And hinging-oot on the Terrace.

12.15 – 12.45: Welcome & Introduction

1.00 – 2.15: ‘Alternative Futures – How Art Can Capture The Imagination‘: with BEKI BATESON. Columba Hall.

1.00 – 2.15: ‘A Seed… Or A Weed?‘: with STEWART CUTLER and JULIE WILSON. Columba Sanctuary.

2.30 – 3.45: ‘Copenhagen 2009 – crucifixion of Mother Earth or resurrection of the Cosmic Christ?’: with ROSS LOVERIDGE. Columba Hall.

2.30 – 3.45: ‘Mosh Pit’ – art, faith and culture in Scotland’: with DOUG GAY & others. Columba Sanctuary.

4.00 – 5.00: ‘1o Things They Never Told Me About Jesus’: with JOHN L. BELL. Columba Hall.

5.00 – 7.00: Eating Together: bring your own food, eat together with fellow PROJECTiles.

6.00 – 7.00: ‘Between Silence & Light’: an experiental time and space for worship & reflection, with STEVE BUTLER & friends.

7.00pm – 1.00am @ The Pleasance Cabaret Bar, 60 The Pleasance

7.30: ROB MACKENZIE & ANDREW PHILIP: more worsmithery from the masters. More info (Rob)… More info (Andrew)…

8.15: JAKE TATTON: beautiful punky banshee ballistics.

9.00: WE SEE LIGHTS: quirky indie pop perfection.

10.00: IAIN ARCHER: Norn Irelan’s finest, Ivor Novello winning songer-singwriter.

12.00: Solstice marking: a short celebration of midsummer with STEVE BUTLER.


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thePROJECT:2, ‘In The Flesh’, Saturday 20th June, Edinburgh.

12.00 – 4.30pm @ The Lot, 4-6 Grassmarket

  • FISCHY MUSIC (music)/ ROB McKENZIE & ANDREW PHILIP (poetry)/ ‘Mosh Pit: Art, Culture & Faith’ (forum discussion with DOUG GAY & others)/ Videovoxpopping/ Kissing Booth/ Body Parts/ Gentle City Walks/ The Big Knit/ Scratch Mary Poppins (with PHIL WHITE).

1.00 – 7.00pm @ St Columba’s by the Castle, 14 Johnston Terrace

  • ‘Art & Justice’ (workshop with BEKI BATESON & others)/ ‘Emerging Church (workshop with STEWART CUTLER & JULIE WILSON & others)/ ‘Copenhagen 2009 – crucifixion of Mother Earth or resurrection of the Cosmic Christ’ (workshop with ROSS LOVERIDGE)/ ‘Concentric circles & words of faith’ (worship with STEVE BUTLER & friends)/ Bring-yer-own-food and eat together/ free tea & coffee

7.00pm – 1.00am @ Pleasance Cabaret Bar, 60 The Pleasance

  • ROB McKENZIE & ANDREW PHILIP (poetry)/ JAKE TATTON (punky banshee pop)/ WE SEE LIGHTS (indie quirky delights)/ IAIN ARCHER (Ivor Novello winning singer-songwriting)/ Solstice marking (liturgical action)

Tickets can be booked NOW!!!



  • 12 – 7pm only (Lot & St Columba’s): £6.50*
  • 7pm – 1am (Pleasance only): £16.50*
  • ALL DAY (Lot, St Columba’s & Pleasance): £21.50*


  • 12 – 7pm only (Lot & St Columba’s): £5.00*
  • 7pm – 1am (Pleasance only): £9.50*
  • ALL DAY (Lot, St Columba’s & Pleasance): £13.50*


  • ALL DAY Family (2 adults, 2 under-18’s): £56.00*

Don’t hing aboot! Book your ticket online now, as venue capacities are limited!

*Ticket prices above are inclusive of booking fee & credit card charges. Children under 5 free.

thePROJECT:2 In The Flesh Ticket Sales (will open in new window)

thePROJECT is an interim process of small, viral, organic events during 2009 & 2010, building to the possibility of a larger festival of arts, culture & faith (inspired by, but not exactly imitating Greenbelt and other similar events)  in 2011.

Any such any future large festival event has no clear or predetermined shape or consensus about its form, length, breadth, geography or season.  Whatever we end up, will arise from this series of small gatherings (each very different in form and content) during 2009 & 2010, and was inspired initially by the spirit of Greenbelt, but also would learn from other Scottish & European models such as Street Level, Carberry Festival, Kirchentag, Edinburgh Festival, The Mod and Celtic Connections. We’re magpies at heart!

The ‘interfaces of engagement’ will be primarily those mapped out by the likes of the above events and others:
arts – faith – theology – ecology – politics –philosophy – spirituality – justice
…or basically celebration, inspiration, irreverence, profundity, laughter, tears, questions, argument, friendship, shivers up the spine – add your own noun to the list.

Who might like it?
thePROJECT is for those interested in a deliberate exploration of the arts, culture and faith.  We hope to make it a comfortable place for insiders, outsiders and maybe especially those at the margins of the church.

thePROJECT will be primarily be adult (young and not so young), but importantly,  there will be an inclusive provision for children and families, to the extent resources allow.


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Dear PROJECTiles,                                  [release 1 distrib 280509]

Details are slowly leaking out for thePROJECT – In The Flesh which will happen somewhere in Edinburgh on June 20th.

You’ve been most patient, and that’s both much appreciated and deserves rewarding. So here’s the first of several updates on P:2 for yer info and delektashin.

Confirmed to date….A veritable cornocupia of wonders, including:


Wordsmithery… ROB McKENZIE

Workshops… DOUG GAY, BEKI BATESON, STEWART CUTLER, ROSS LOVERIDGE… on art, faith, culture, emerging church, climate change challenges.

Creativity: Gentle City Walks, Videovoxpop, Scratch Mary Poppins, mibbe even a Big Knit

Worship: with Steve Butler & friends.

This is just for starters… so watch this space for more details… (and check yer emails!). Registration and ticketing details imminently.

the PROJECT (Scotland)
… a Scottish festival of arts, culture & faith

Questionnaire: thePROJECTquestionnaire
Web: theprojectscotland


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Over the coming months you’ll be hearing more about ‘the PROJECT’, an all new Scottish festival of the arts, culture and faith.  Inspired by Greenbelt, but born and raised here in Scotland, the PROJECT will begin life with a gathering in Edinburgh on June 20th from midday to 1am.

Keep your eye on thePROJECT website for more info, join the Facebook Group and follow thePROJECTscot on Twitter.


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