what do you believe?

I haven’t published a sermon for a long time.  They’re available on the St Ninian’s website but it felt like following the events of the last weeks and months this was something that needed said.  You can listen and the text is below. A sermon on 1 John 1:1-4 1 John is a letter about […]

A Pentecost Sermon

This is my sermon from today, Pentecost 2013, preached at Dunfermline United Reformed Church.  The readings the sermon is based on are Acts2:1-21 and John 14:8-17. As always, your comments and thoughts are very welcome.

Spill The Beans Lent – Pentecost

It has been quite some feat by the Spill the Beans Team to pull this off over the festive season, but after a crazy deadline of 31 December for all the writing, the next issue of Spill the Beans is now beautifully formed and available for download. This is the Lent to Pentecost edition that […]

Preaching the Gospel of Matthew

Following my thoughts on preaching the other day Sue sent me information about this event: Preaching the Gospel of Matthew 18th November 2010 10 am – 4pm Davidson’s Mains Parish Church Edinburgh Preaching from a Gospel challenges us to read with discernment, intelligence and sensitivity, listening to what God wishes to say to us uniquely […]