what do you believe?

I haven’t published a sermon for a long time.  They’re available on the St Ninian’s website but it felt like following the events of the last weeks and months this was something that needed said.  You can listen and the text is below. A sermon on 1 John 1:1-4 1 John is a letter about […]

A butterfly church?

I wrote this provocation paper a couple of days after the referendum for a conference called ‘Where Church and Kingdom Collide’.  I then presented a second version at the conference.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, not so much on the referendum, but on the lessons it might have for the church. The Ripples of […]


Today the Scottish National Party (SNP) have been returned to the Scottish Parliament with a majority. As I write there are still 2 regional lists to be declared but the SNP have already 65 seats. That is an astonishing result.  The electoral system in Scotland is a mixture of first past the post and a […]

treasure the questions

I like questions. I think that’s why I like process. Rob Bell’s new book Love Wins: At the Heart of Life’s Big Questions is out soon in the UK and the interwebs have been alive with comment, question and criticism. Yesterday Rob did a question and answer session where he admitted that for him the […]