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There are times when it’s ok to let something pass quietly.

There are other times when something has to be said.

I was charged with leading worship at the URC Youth Assembly last weekend and as we neared the end of our time together it grew more and more apparent that we should acknowledge the moving on of those aged 25, who would be old to return next year.

I saw a loom like this one on Twitter last week.  Someone created one for the Deep Impact conference in Aviemore.  It looked great, so I stole it.  I was going to use it for something else but as the young people wove their brightly coloured strands together it struck me that this could be something we could use to mark a rite of passage.

Here’s what was said between the singing of Guide me, O thou great Jehovah and I, the Lord of sea and sky:

“Could those for whom this is their last Youth Assembly please stand if you are able or raise your hand to let us know who you are.

You know that I like songs and that extends, perhaps surprisingly, beyond Abba’s greatest hits. There’s a song by Semisonic called ‘closing time’. Everyone thinks it’s about chucking out time at the pub. But it’s not. It’s actually about a man contemplating the birth of his child. It has one of my favourite lines in it, and I think it says something for us all, but especially for you at this time. It’s this:

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Youth Assembly is one of those things that come into our lives and it can be a hugely significant part of both our journey of faith and our journey through life. For those who have come to the upper age limit today, passing the grand old age of 25, this time of worship marks the end of your time with this particular part of the church.

And that is how it should be. Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time and a season for everything under the sun. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. And that’s as it should be.

God needs you. The church needs you.

So we want to take the opportunity to thank you, for you’re the gifts you have shared with us, for your enthusiasm and most of all for your friendship. You have blessed this community. Your stories, just like the strips of cloth on the loom, are woven into the story of this church and have been an integral part of the fabric of our life together, bringing colour and beauty.

We would like to bless you as you step out from this place and set out on new journeys of faith.

We would encourage you to take all that this place has meant and still means to you with you, to take the best of us, to take your passion for God, and share it with those you meet along the way, wherever your journey takes you.

When we bless people and send them out we have a tradition of ‘laying on hands’. So, could those around the people who are moving on gather round them and just lay your hands on their shoulders as we pray a blessing on them.


A Commissioning (adapted from Spill the Beans)

The Gospel,

The Good News of Jesus Christ

is demanding,

and challenging,

and subversive.

It is nothing short of revolutionary.


This is the message we preach.

This is the story we live.

It’s not an easy life.

But is a life like no other.


The call to you

is to stand up and be counted,

exactly as Jesus did:

to go after the big fish,

to make disciples of all people

often leaving familiar things behind.


It’s time to step out

Time to embrace your calling

Time to break cover

Time to follow Jesus

into the world


But go with our friendship

go with the love of God almighty

go with the leading of Jesus, the Christ, your saviour

go with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit

to guard and keep you safe

this day and always.


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Solas Festival Staff Vacancy – Deputy Festival Coordinator

Applications by CV and covering letter to office [at] solasfestival [dot] co [dot] uk. Closing date is Wednesday 28th December 2011; interviews will be held on Wednesday 4th January 2012.

Solas Festival is a new and growing event, which features a broad arts programme, providing an excellent opportunity to gain a wide range of experience. The organisation is predominantly volunteer-led, with a large and committed group of individuals giving generously of their time, energy and talents to make the festival possible.

Solas Festival is seeking an energetic, self-motivated individual to join our staff and help deliver our third summer arts festival (22nd-24th June 2012, at Wiston, South Lanarkshire). Working closely with, and reporting to, the Festival Coordinator, the postholder will take responsibility for a range of festival planning areas, including aspects of programme, site, marketing, volunteer management and general administration. The remit is wide and variable, potentially including any of the tasks currently carried out by the Festival Coordinator, and to some extent will be shaped around the experience and strengths of the right candidate. The post is offered on the basis of a temporary self-employed contract.

Good communication skills are a must as the postholder will be required to attend meetings on behalf of the organisation and to line manage volunteers. Excellent organisational skills are also essential. Must be flexible and willing to work irregular hours when required, including occasional evenings and weekends, particularly as the festival approaches. Must be available over festival weekend and ideally throughout the whole of June 2012.

Solas Festival derives inspiration and values from its roots in the broad Christian tradition. This underpins our commitment to equality, justice, beauty and hospitality. Our aim is to create a space which is tolerant, inclusive and free of prejudice. We simply ask that all staff and volunteers be willing to work in sympathy with these values and aims.

Find out more at; enquiries to office [at] solasfestival [dot] co [dot] uk.

Solas Festival is a charity registered in Scotland, No. SC041434, and a Company Limited by Guarantee,
registered in Scotland, No. SC371181.  Registered Office Address: 110 St James Road, Glasgow, G4 0PS


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‘I will never be cut’: Nancy and Gertrude are Kenyan girls about to face a brutal passage to womanhood.

Directed by Sara Nason, this documentary tells the story of two young members of the Pokot community in Kenya, who stood up to family and community to resist the traditional practice of female genital mutilation or cutting (FGM). The film looks at how their actions influenced other young women and their families, changing minds and attitudes about FGM.

Join Christian Aid on 29th November from 7-9pm at the CCA, Glasgow, for a screening of the documentary film followed by an expert panel discussion and Q&A exploring the issue.

Introducing Poverty Over
Poverty Over is Christian Aid’s powerful manifesto which investigates why the developing world is still poor, and defines what needs to change to help bring an end to poverty.

In partnership, Christian Aid and the Guardian have created a series of investigative documentaries exploring key issues faced by the world’s poorest communities.

Free Tickets from the CCA Box Office 0141 352 4900 and more info on Facebook.


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Holy City ‘Choice Cuts’… faith and futures in a world in crisis

The 2011-12 programme focuses on the stark choices facing us today in Scotland and the world beyond. How we see the past, present and future; how we employ our imagination, nurturing, compassion and creativity; what we value in education, economics, health, hope (and ultimately) our humanity. The choices with which we’ll engage each month are not a million miles from those Jesus confronted.

We begin on Sunday 30th October, with the evening’s sub-theme ‘Love or Apathy?’… @ 6.30 – 9.30pm, Renfield St Stephen’s Centre, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow G2.

Despite what we sometimes assume, hate is not the opposite of love… the opposite is more accurately carelessness, indifference, apathy…. ironic, knowing, sophisticated and suavely self-indulgent posturing, even(?). We’ll be exploring examples of where the more passionate emotion (love) gets engaged and changes the world.

As usual, we’ll start with a wee sing, followed by workshops for an hour, then tea and coffee (courtesy of our delectable T-Team), and rounding off the evening with around 40 minutes of worship.

So, we hope to welcome you on the 30th!


Commissioning poverty, truthfully – speaking honestly about real things, with members of The Povert Truth Commission.
Encouraging vandalism – Urban Folk Art – provocative and loving words upon a wall, with Iain Campbell.
Love Story (the biblical exploration) – Jo Love & Chris Long unearth the love letters (and apathetic amour) in the biblical record.
An interviewer interviewed… – with Lucy Adam – chief reporter for The Herald. She has interviewed the Megrahi family, and won awards for her reports with Christian Aid and Concern.
Love coffee, love protest – Ruth Coulter talks about the Protest Cafe she and others have set up in Belfast to regularly take action and make a difference on issues that concern them.

‘Mibbes aye, mibbes naw’ – A liturgy on apathy and commitment, in song, symbol, silence and participation.

Further information: <wgrg [at] iona [dot] org [dot] uk>; 0141 332 6343. <>

Download the publicity postcard

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OneKirk conference

What Kind of Church


  • What are the issues facing the church today?
  • What kind of church are we?
  • What kind of church do we seek to build?

OneKirk is hosting a conference that offers a space for open and honest discussion about these questions for everyone in the church.

What kind of church?
Speaker: Rev Peter Macdonald (The Iona Community)


“What kind of Community?”
How we relate to our world today

led by Rev David McLachlan (Langside Parish Church)

“What kind of Book?”
Making sense of the Bible today

led by Rev Fiona Bennett (Augustine United Church)

Download Event Poster to publicise this event with your congregation or group.


Saturday 29 October 2011

10:30 a.m.—3:45 p.m.
(registration and refreshments from 10 a.m.)

Broughton St Mary’s Parish Church
12 Bellevue Crescent, Edinburgh, EH3 6NE.


Cost is £8 (including lunch, payable on the door with cheques made out to “OneKirk”)

We would greatly appreciate prior registration to assist with planning catering needs. Please email admin [at] onekirk [dot] org or phone 01698 327958 with your name, address, phone number and email adress. Many thanks.

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Deep Impact is the National Training conference for all those involved in Youthwork.

It is for those who are volunteers, or paid employees; for those working for local authorities, local churches and agencies; for those with heaps of experience or just starting out.

Deep Impact provides both practical and Biblical input from skilled youth practitioners and theologians; to equip you with the knowledge, tools, skills and connections, that will enable you to reach teenagers in Scotland with the love of Christ.

New for 2012 Conference!!!

We’re delighted to announce that there will be a brand new stream added to the Seminar Programme which will have a sole focus on Children’s Work – This will be run by experience Children’s Work Practitioners and in partnership with the Children and Church ACTS Group!

Apprentice leaders

Deep Impact is a training conference for youthworkers over 18. However we recognise that some youthworkers are mentoring apprentice leaders, following Biblical examples like Paul and Timothy. If you are mentoring a 16 or 17 year old specifically to become a youthworker, then they may accompany you. Only one apprentice leader per adult mentor delegate. Apprentice leaders are the responsibility of their adult mentor with whom they share accommodation. There is space on your booking form to also book in your apprentice leader.

Who is running it?

The conference is being organised by Scottish Christian Youth Work Forum (SCYWF); who desire to continue the brilliant work of previous years; and build on Deep Impact’s well deserved reputation for high quality and innovative training.

Where is it?

MacDonald Aviemore Highland Resort

When is it?

20th to 22nd January 2012


Early Bird is £135 and ends 30th Sept 2011
Middle Rate is £150 and ends 30th Nov 2011
Final booking Rate is £160 and bookings close 6th Jan 2012

All of these prices exclude the Single supplement of £45

If interested in exhibiting at Deep Impact the cost is £140 for a standard space plus delegate fee.


Book online at

Email: jillian [at] ymcascotland [dot] org

Download the Cheque and postal booking form or download the flyer

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Day Tickets Launched – buy them now online!
Due to the high volume of people enquiring about our Day Tickets, we’ve decided to launch them a couple of weeks early. You can now buy tickets for our Friday and Saturday night gigs or spend a whole day with us on either Saturday or Sunday by visiting our online box office. Buy them now to make great savings on our gate-prices. As with weekend tickets, young people aged 12-17 are heavily subsidised and children aged 11 and under come absolutely free!

News from our partner – Christian Aid
It’s Christian Aid week, so we’ve handed over our blog to their Glasgow team to tell us about the great work they’re doing this week as part of their worldwide campaign to eradicate poverty and its causes. You can find out more about Christian Aid week and make a donation here and then head on over to our blog for more information, including news of what they’re planning for Solas 2011. They’ve got cake, ice cream and mocktails on the menu…

The Talks Programme
Solas Talks are there to inform, provoke, disturb and delight you – ranging over topics we hope will interest and engage everyone. Read on for highlights, and get more detailed info on our blog.

Gerry Hassan has been described as Scotland’s leading public intellectual. A well known and respected political commentator and journalist, he will be reflecting on where Scotland stands after the historic SNP victory and on what kind of politics reaches the forgotten areas of Scottish life. Other political guests TBC (they’ve been a bit busy of late).

Top policy and campaigning figures from Christian Aid – Kathy Galloway, David McNair and Sol Oyuela will raise taxes as a political issue and shed more light than heat on climate change. Helping us get poverty over.

Other contributions include Pete Ward (on celebrity culture); Prof. Alison Phipps (on peace-making and structural violence); Sr. Karen D’Artois (on spirituality); Jenny Baker (on gender and sexuality); Alison Urie (on the concept of Home), Graeme Maule (an artist’s take on The Long Light); Steve Stockman (poet, preacher, blogger and music lover); Fr. Willie Slavin (priest, socialist, campaigner); session on the music of lamenting and much much more.

Our Programme for Young People
We believe that young people should be at the heart of what we do, so we’ll be offering a fully integrated programme designed to be engaging and relevant for 11-16s. Cutting-edge young bands performing on our mainstage include Stanley Odd, The Starlets, We See Lights, Aerials Up, Open Swimmer, RURA and Silver Caves. We will also be offering a range of workshops including fun activities, creative projects and opportunities to explore hot topics – graffiti boards; environmental art; film-making; a workshop on protesting; forum theatre; fusion ceilidh; street-dance; rugby drop-in; circus skills; and a dawn hike up to the top of Tinto Hill.

Tickets for young people are heavily subsidised and even small youth groups can take advantage of our free tickets for leaders.

2011 Volunteer Appeal
We still need volunteers in all sorts of interesting roles – help us out and get your ticket seriously cheap or even free!
Solas Festival volunteers pay only £35 for the weekend; there’s no cost for camping and there’s lots of time off to enjoy the festival. Free tickets are available for stewards who work an average of 6 hours per day, in a few short shifts. Some volunteer positions will require specialist skills and experience, but most will just need lots of enthusiasm, reliability and a willingness to work alongside others. In return, we’re offering support, appropriate training, a reference if you want it, new friends and at least one unforgettable weekend. Find out more and download the short application form here.

And finally… Curious Joe gets curious about Solas
Check out Curious Joe – ‘a blog of art, culture and unnecessary but fun-to-write commentary’ – for a wee write-up on Solas and a short interview with our Festival Coordinator.

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