encouraging community

  I love when someone asks,”Can we do ….?”.  Mostly the answer is easy… YES!!!  (And why are you asking me? It’s YOUR church!) A Burns Supper… a family meal with poems, dancing, song and speeches.  And this is what it looked like.  150 people of all ages enjoying haggis, neeps and tatties, the talents […]

Could SOUP in your church change the world

Who else needs your space? My churches hosting co-working revelation got me thinking… Church halls have often been a hive of activity with anything from Boys’ Brigade to dance classes and slimming clubs. That’s all good. But who are you missing? How can you help your community to engage with each other and make things better? […]

Church as Co-working Space

I came across an article about church as a space for co-working yesterday. It was one of those moments when you think that something is so obvious you can’t believe everyone isn’t already doing it! We know that working patterns have changed.  Loads of people work from home now.  That’s great.  You don’t have to […]

What’s next?

Does church maintain the status quo?  We talk a good game about transformation and renewal but are we organisationally set up to avoid it? Broken Rhythms This isn’t a new question for me. I remember thinking about it when I was training for youth work at Jordanhill in 1991.  Apparently other people had been thinking […]